Here is a list of Questions that have been asked.

  1. Question : Where did you come up with this road name ?

        Answer : About 3 years ago the county had teams of people out and about the county. They were taking photos of all structures in the county. Metering the roads to get the address number of all structures. They mapped the county with the roads and address ranges. If a road was already named, and was known, the name was used. If however, the road was not named, or a name could not be determined, than a name was put on the road. They are over 1,250 road names at this time.

  1. Question : How come my house number is 125 and my next door neighbor is 137 ?   Shouldn't they be 127 ?

        Answer : Numbers are issued by footage. Every 5.28 feet is a address number. The numbers can be taken and put to a formula to see how far it is from your front door to your neighbors front door. In the example  below, 125 versus 137, by the following formula, you can find the distance between the two.

             137 – 125 = 12

             12 x 2 / 5.28 = 4.55 feet from your front door to theirs.

  1. Question : Is my CONTROL NUMBER my address ?

        Answer : NO ..... When our Field Workers come to your home or business, and there is no one home, a paper is left on your door, and tells you to call a phone number to get your address. The Control Number is the number that is used to locate your paper work by our office staff. That way we don't give you the wrong address for for home or business. When you don’t have this number because you have lost your papers that was left in your door, then our staff  has to find your house on the computer by several different methods. This can be time consuming, and sometimes next to impossible to do. In some cases you may have to come into the center to get your address.

  1. Question : Can you put up a road sign on my road ?

        Answer : The Boone County Ordinance states, for a separate road to be named, and a sign put up, there has to be at least 3 structures on it. However this is on a case by case situation. If you live way off the road that you were addressed from. Than the road maybe named and you would be readdressed from it. We however, DO NOT NAME DRIVEWAYS. With over 1,250 roads in the county, it would make it more confusing.

  1. Question : Why do I need this address ?

        Answer : State and Federal Laws require it to be done. If you have a telephone, it has to be done, or you may lose you phone service until you get the address. Federal Law requires the Post Office to have a Physical Address of where you live to give you a Post Office Box. Home Owners Insurance is starting to require the address to sell you the insurance. Banks require the address to give you a home loan. UPS, FedEx, and other parcel carriers are requiring the address to delivery to your home or business. The Water, Gas & Electric Companies are requiring the address to hook up new service, as is the telephone company.

  1. Question : Can I rename this road ?

        Answer : Sometimes we can rename a road. But it needs to be done before the road is addressed, and a road sign is put up. It also depends on how many people live on the road that is in question. If  15 people live on the road. There will be 15 different road names. So all, would have to agree on a name. This is next to impossible. There would be 15 different road names that would be asked for. Plus, we cannot duplicate road names if possible.

  1. Question : When are you going to do my area ?

        Answer : Boone County is a fairly large county. With 28 Post Office Area’s, that have to be addressed. As of today 11 Post Office Area’s have been done. (See List Below) The best rule of thumb is that somebody has to be first, and somebody has to be last. We are still about a year away from completion.

  1. Question : Why do you need to know some of the questions that you ask ?

        Answer : Every question that is asked during the interview does have a purpose. Below is a break down of what we ask and why. This interview will take about 5 minutes to do.

  1. Name(s) of the residents or business ? You and your spouse.

  2. Present mailing address ?

  3. Phone number(s) that are in your home or business ?

  4. Name(s) phone is listed in ? (Go To Telephone Customer Link.)

  5. What type of structure is it ? (i.e. Frame, Single Wide Trl, etc.).

  6. How do you heat your house or business ? (i.e. Gas, Electric, Other).

  7. What kind of water do you have ? (i.e. City Water, Well).

  8. What type of sewage do you have ? (i.e. City, Septic). 5 thru 8 are for OES purposes. When the floods of 2001 happened. State OES wanted to know how many homes had City Water versus Well Water, Electric Heat verus Gas Heat, City Sewage versus Septic Sewage.

  9. Do you have a swimming pool ? We need this for the Fire Dept.'s. If your house was on fire, it would be good to know that a pool is next door so they could pump out of it if needed.

  10. Is you front or back yard fenced in ?

  11. Do you have any dogs ?

  12. How many ?

  13. Is the dog(s) violent ? If you were a ambulance worker, it would be good to know if the call you were on maybe had a bitting dog.

  14. Do you have any alarms in you home or business that once activated it goes through an alarm company ?

  15. If you have an alarm. Who are the key holders and phone numbers ? When a alarm company calls 911. We dispatch Police to the call. The police always ask if a key holder is in route. Most alarms when they go off, have to be reset by someone that can get in the house or business. If the alarm company sends the key holder, then that will work. However, most of the time these alarms companies, for some reason, seem to forget about a key holder. If we know the key holder, we can call them.

(NOTE : If you have a alarm system, then please let your alarm company know your New Physical Address that we give you.)


  1. Question : When do I start using this new address ?

        Answer : As soon as you put you address numbers up. This new physical address will be used for everything except your mail. However, if you received home delivered mail. Then this address will be your new mailing address in about 6 to 9 months. But your Post Master will let you know when to start using it for mailing purpose's. If you have a Post Office Box, then it will stay the same. You can use the physical address with your mailing address, like on checks, and letters.


Mr. & Mrs. John E. Doe
126 Pine Tree Ln. (Lick Creek)
P.O. Box 245
Bob White, WV. 25053-0245


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