The phone companies are required by state and federal law to update the 911 ALI SYSTEM, with your phone number, and the physical address of your home or business. By doing this, if you call 911, and when the phone rings, The phone number, the name it is listed in, and the Physical address of the building, comes up on the dispatcher’s 911 ALI screen.

So even if you call, and don’t say a word. We will know where the phone call is coming from.

You will have to get this Physical Address for you home or business, or your phone service maybe interrupted.

Federal & State Law requires this to be done.



245 = Van, Gordon, Twilight, Williams Mt., Bob White, Bull Creek, Bigson.

247 = Wharton, Barrett, Bald Knob, James Creek, Greenwood.

307, 369, 569 = Madison, Danville, Lick Creek, Low Gap, Mud River, Uneeda, Quinland, Robinson, Julian, Six Mile, Jeffrey, Hewett, Bias Branch, String Town, Ramage, Powell Creek, Turtle Creek.

524 = Morrisvale, Doddson Fork, Rattlesnake Hollow, Coon Hollow, Dog Fork Hollow, Lower Julian.

756 = River Island Rd (North Rt 119), Dartmont, Emmons.

836 = Ridgeview, Nellis, Ashford, Emmons, Whiteoak, Peytona, Dartmont.

837 = Racine, Bloomingrose, Comfort, Seth, Fosterville.

854 = Orgas, Twin Poplar, Sylvester, Packs Branch, Branham Heights, Seng Creek, Garrison, High Coal, Whitesville.

855 = Big Ugly, North Fork, Ellis Fork.